The Detour (75 min)

A journey through the memory of Finland Russia and Estonia


From Turku to Tallinn, there is a road that links the lands of Finland, Russia and Estonia. Memory, war, independence, occupation, identity, revolution, cooperation, this 2000 km route reflects the major upheavals of the 20th century. It has been paced up and down for several months by two young French filmmakers and a Super 8 camera. Following the route, they met three generations of people unveiling issues such as historical inheritance, otherness, national identities, sharing their dreams and aspirations. The protagonists of the film «The Detour» re-create the turbulent history of this route through their own lives and experiences.

Type: Documentary film

Authors: Atelier Limo (Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier)

Duration: 75 Min

Format: HD - 16:9 - Stereo

Support: BluRay and DVD

Languages: Mostly English. Parts in Finnish, German, some in Russian and Estonian.

Subtitles: Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English and a special version with Estonian+Russian

Shooting locations: Turku, Helsinki, Lappeenranta (FI), Vyborg, Zelenogorsk, St Petersburg (RU), Sillamäe, Tallinn (EST)